A message from Shanti's "Mom,"Claudia. — Shanti moved from the Netherlands to Bowen Island - with her family, of course.?

Shanti's Story

ShantiThis lovely girl is Shanti, a rough coated Jack Russell who will be turning 17 in November. She is almost deaf now, and her sight is not what it used to be (as can be expected at such an honourable age), but she is still as healthy as a senior dog can be and still very happy. Since her nose is still working just fine, the fact that she cannot see or hear as good anymore does not seem to bother her. What did bother her a little, though, was some general joint stiffness.

I thought that was just what happens with ageing, and thought there was not much I could do about that except maybe some painkillers and the occasional Reiki treatment. But then I met Eva and she told me about Procosa and Biomega supplements (preferably in combination with homemade dog food). I thought: why not give it a try?

Shanti has been on the supplements for a month now and the results are amazing. She is literally running around like a puppy again. When she was about two weeks into the supplements, much to my surprise (and joy) she was sitting up on her hind legs again begging for a treat. She had not done that in a few years!

So now I am keeping her on the Procosa and the Biomega. I am giving her half a tablet of the Procosa a day, one Biomega fishoil capsule once every two days, and mix it in with her canned food. I will eventually switch her over to homemade meals , but for now, this works amazingly well.

Thank you so much for the tip, Eva!

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