Rudy (Yellow Lab Mix), Age 7, weight 85
Trinity (Black Labrador Retriever), age 4, weight 73

Trinity (left) & RudyHi! I am Rudy.

My pal Trinity and I are inseparable and are enjoying our life to the fullest like never before.

Prior to USANA, I suffered from skin allergies several times per year, and the vet would give me prescription shots, pills, creams, and medicated shampoos. I had to wear this huge lampshade for weeks at a time so I wouldn't pick at my feet, legs, and tail.

I am now so much happier being allergy free for about two years now and can enjoy the Florida sun like I used to in our large backyard. I really like being outside and not getting flare-ups from all the trees, plants and flowers that bloom year round where I live. And, I can tell you I don't miss that lampshade one bit! I also used to have a hard time getting up because of some arthritis pain in my hips.

My sister Trinity is younger than me and she has been on the USANA products since my Mommy adopted her, but I have so much energy that I don't think she knows how old I really am! We have several play times every day where we chase each other for one our toys or balls, and we are having the times of our lives in happiness and good health!

Here are the USANA products that we take with our meals every day - split between 2 meals :
Rudy - Body Rox (3), Biomega3 (1), Proflavanol 90 (1), ProcossaII (1)
Trinity - Body Rox (3), Biomega3 (1), Proflavanol 90 (1)

Tell all your friends about how these products have changed my life, so that they can say "Life Is Good" and wag their tails like me!!!

Yours faithfully,
Rudy from Florida

Let your doggie live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!