A message from Pippy's "Mom," Melissa (Pippy lives in Australia) —

Here's my little man for you! You'll have to excuse the patches of missing hair -- the missing spot on the neck is where we put the drip in, you can probably see a bare patch on his belly where we clipped him for the ultrasound of his kidneys.

- Melissa

Pippy's Story

PippyPippy is a six year old Welsh Section A pony who had been experiencing yearly infections every Spring from the age of two. Up until recently blood tests had given no clues as to the source or site of infection to enable us to tailor his treatment.

This time his infection was completely resistant to all antibiotics and he began to waste and deteriorate rapidly. His temperature was often around 41 degrees Celsius (42 degrees causes internal organs to "meltdown").Recent blood tests revealed massive tissue destruction, seriously elevated glucose levels, low protein levels, anaemia and electrolyte imbalance.

I decided to withdraw him from all antibiotic treatment as it was clearly causing further problems. He had become dangerously dehydrated from scouring (side-effect of antibiotics) and wouldn't eat anything but hay. Pippy would stand in a corner with his head hung low.

A visit to our state vet hospital revealed abnormal kidneys on the ultrasound. One was grossly enlarged and the other had a large black mass or hole in it, I was given no hope for his future and it is believed he has an additional condition such as Cushing's disease or Diabetes Melitus further complicating things. The vet's had never seen anything like it in their considerable years of experience.

During the course of this episode I put Pippy on massive doses of USANA nutritionals with the guidance of a Holistic Vet who also prescribed Homotixicology treatments to assist his body in detoxifying and supporting his systems. His daily treatment is as follows and is for a 250kg pony (roughly 550 pounds):

7 USANA Chelated Minerals
7 USANA Mega Anitoxidants
7 Proflavanol 90
10 POly C
4 CoQuinone
40ml Optomega

10 g probiotics to assist his gut from the antibiotic damage
Heel Homitoxicology Support Drops
Heel Homitoxicology Detox Drops
3 tablespoons Slippery Elm Powder (to re-line his intestines)

Phenylbutazone to control his temperature.

It's two months since this began and Pippy is now starting to thrive once more. He is eating two hard feeds a day with additional lucerne hay and has become less fussy about his diet, he is ravenous! His temperature has stabilized and is normal, and he is now on a low maintenance dose of Phenylbutazone of 0.5g every second day.

Pippy is once more a cheeky pony who runs around the paddock and calls out at feed time and my daughter is able to play with him in the paddock again. He has outlived the vets expectations and gives us so much joy once more.

Pippy is a USANA miracle pony and every day is a bonus.

Let your pet live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!