Pepe I am Pepe and I wish I could show you a video of my life prior to October of 2003 - that's when it all changed.

My former Mom passed away of old age and left me in the care of FOTA Rescue Society. They put me into a foster home in North Vancouver with a wonderful family who really helped me through the grieving period. They accepted me just the way I was - 11 years old, about 40lbs overweight ( I weighed 112lb), unable to walk stairs due to bad knees and arthritis, unable to hold my water - one vet actually thought I had Cushing Disease and they were going to put me on some kind of a drug. My coat was lifeless and my skin scaly, dry and itchy. I did not see very well in those days either - that's why I snapped when someone gave me a biscuit.

My eyes were grey and everyone thought I wasn't going to be around for long but Auntie Anne took me for walks every day - and every week we walked a little bit further.

I was put on Holistic blend good quality dog food , SeaMeal and lots of Nurtritionals. Here's the regime they started me on back in October - the USANA moments, they used to call them:
AM with breakfast: 1 Coquinon, 2 Proflavanol, 2 Procossa, 2 Bio 3
PM with dinner: 1 Coquinon, 2 Proflavanol, 2 Procossa , 2 Bio 3
I was on this for about three month.

Then it changed to:
AM with breakfast: 1 Coquinon, 1 Proflavanol, 2 Procossa, 2 Bio 3
PM with dinner : 1 Proflavanol, 2 Procossa, 2 Bio 3

Now, it's May - and I am a totally new doggie. I have lost about 20lbs, I go for two walks a day, I meet the doggie crowd on the trails and on our street, I play fetch, my coat is shiny, I have had bladder control for a long time and I can see - my eyes are nearly clear. I roll in the grass and I thank God every day for this wonderful family who are now my guardians until I either find a permanent home or I go home forever.

I know that I have a quality of life which I have not had before and I am free of pain and suffering - without drugs and their side effects. Thank you FOTA for giving me this care and thank you Uncle Collin and Auntie Anne for believing in me and thank you Uncle Ray and Auntie Susan for giving me a home.

Let your doggie live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!