11 year old Shepherd / Wolf cross, weighing about 98 lbs

OdieNow, after being on the USANA products, changing foods, and chiropractic treatments - I have a complete new life!

My eyes are clear, my coat is a silky shine, I have "get up and go", I love my walks and car rides and I don't have the arthritic pains anymore.

I realize I am not a spring chicken anymore and we don't live in this body forever - but at least I am getting on in life while I still enjoy life having all my faculties and I don't have any of the side effects of all the drugs I don't need to be on thanks to my USANA regime and my homeopathic veterinary care.

OdieCurrently, on a daily basis, I use: 1 Coquinon, 4 Procossa, 4 Bio 3, 1 Proflavanol (in the beginning I was given more Proflavanol) and 2 tbsp. of SeaMeal (a Solid Gold product)

Let your doggie live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!