Age: 16 years

Mr. Tubbs today - fully recovered!My name is Mr. Tubbs, for reasons too long to explain.

I am now about 16 years old. Up to last September I was always healthy—no challenges.

Then at the end of September I started loosing weight — very rapidly. Like about 1/3 of my weight within about one week!

My Mom said I was just not my normal self. Of we went to see Uncle Peter - my doctor (he is a homeopath veterinarian). He took blood . My blood was strange he said - not in so many words may be. But there seemed to be a higher number of the white blood cells and some other “stuff”. He gave me some homeopathic remedies.

Mr. Tubbs with mass on eyeI started eating better again and one day my Mom noticed this mass growing from the inside corner of my right eye. It looked nasty. Nobody knew what was going on. I stopped eating all together. I also had a cavity on one of my teeth. So, I was scheduled to have the bad tooth removed.

By the time that day rolled around the mass had completely covered my right eye. Plus, the mass also started to grow outward from my eye.” Suggestions were made such as “It puts a lot of pressure on his eye - have it removed including the eye”and “may be you should just let him go”.
When I had my tooth pulled, a sample was taken from the mass over my eye. It was apparently about 1cm in thickness. The pathology report came back — yes, it was a malignant lymphoma.

Mr. Tubbs with mass on eye clearly visibleAnd I was still not interested in any food. Not like me - let me assure you.So my Mom had a word with me. She told me that we were going to try to make me comfortable and not doing anything heroic in the way of surgery.I was given three or four different homeopathic remedies. Between my Mom and Uncle Peter they got very creative.

When we came home with the diagnosis she started me on the USANA nutritionals right away.

She said — we have nothing to loose. I know you only weigh 5.2kg right now — but we are going to start the battle against the free radicals.
So we started - 3 Proflavanol every day, 2 Coquinon every day — for about 1 week.

Then we changed to 3 Proflavanol every day 1 Coquinon and 1/3 of a Mega AO. Also, 1 Bio Omega 3 Capsule every other day (I hated taking those) .
After about 10 days of doing this a tiny line of my eyeball started showing up above the mass. If you look at the pictures you can see how the mass slowly disappeared. My eye was perfectly well "preserved" .

It was my Mom's greatest Christmas gift that she could see both my eyes again — perfectly clear — as if nothing had ever covered it up. You can see by my most recent photo that I am fully recovered.

I am still taking 1 Proflavanol a day and 1 Coquinon every other day. Just to keep those Free Radicals in check.

If you are a vet and you are interested in the whole file, contact us and we will put you in touch with my Uncle Peter - the best Vet I am sure.

Sorry this is kind of long, but my Mom thought it might help another animal.

Thanks for listening!

Let your pet live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!