Larry Yo! Larry here.

From the time I was eight weeks old, I lived as a guard dog in a little electronics shop. At opening and closing time I got a quick walk around the block, and then I was left alone all night. Eleven years later the shop was sold, and I was shipped off to the SPCA, where I was due for execution because I'd bitten a stranger who surprised me in my sleep. But I didn't care much, because by then my teeth were bad, my nails were so long I couldn't walk, and I had crippling arthritis.

That's when everything changed. I was rescued and went to stay at PAWS where they cleaned me up and I met my main man, Ali. He worked with me and pretty soon I was getting interested in life again. I liked being at the shelter because of all the cute gals who made a fuss over me, but things got even better when they found me a permanent home with Kathryn who introduced me to haute cuisine. Yes, please!

LarryWe tried the Usana regime twice. The first time, my arthritis got better and my limp went away, but because there were so many other new factors in my life, we weren't sure it was the Usana making the difference. So I stopped taking it, and within a couple of months, my back end was getting stiff and uncoordinated again, and my limp was back worse than ever. Within two weeks of reintroducing the Usana, everything improved and the limp just vanished. I take Kathryn on four walks a day, play fetch in the grass with my Squeaka toy, and can sleep comfortably without having to change my position all the time. And hey, I'm fourteen years young! Life is good.

Breakfast: fish, rice& veggies, flax seed oil, egg yolk, raw garlic, 2 procosa & 2 bio 3.
Supper: beef stew with barley & lentils, 2 procosa & 2 bio 3.
Midnight snack: yogurt & fruit.

May the Force be with you.

~ Larry

Let your doggie live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!