12 year old Shepherd/Akita cross, weighing 94lbs.

Jessie Had crusade ligament surgery 3 years ago and was diagnosed with Cushing disease 2 years ago. That was pretty scary for my Mom, so she just followed Dr. Strands recommendations for cancer. And because of my size, she just used the human dosage.

Now, 2 years later, I am enjoying life to its fullest, we go for walks every day, and as long as I stay on my regime I am pretty sure I'll be in good health until my time is up .

This is what I take on a daily basis - divided between breakfast and dinner:
2 Coquinon, 3-4 Procossa, 4 Bio 3, 2 Body Rox, 1-2 Proflavanol, USANA Garlic - 1 every other day.

When we are out walking I hear people commend when my Mom tells them that I am 12 years old- they commend on my great coat, my clear eyes, my ability to still dig and chase mice. Now, if Dr. Wentz could just invent a pill so we don't go grey in old age …

If you need to talk to my Mom regarding Cushing - I am sure she'll be happy to - just contact the Missy Foundation and ask to be forwarded to Jessie's Mom.

Enjoy life - enjoy the moments together-

A grateful Jessie signing off.

Let your doggie live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!