Schnauzer cross; approximate age now is 13; weight 22 pounds
Adopted from the SPCA in June 1994;

Fraser BurbeeIn the summer of 2003 Fraser began to lose hair on his body, particularly on his tail and began to drink an unusual amount of water, and consequently urinate more.

When taken to the vet Fraser was diagnosed as having “Hyperadreno-corticism” (Cushing's Disease). The vet offered two choices:

  • let him live out the rest of his 1-3 years of life expectancy, although the disease will eventually cause failure of the kidneys and liver (painful death)
  • treat him for 7-10 days with a prescription which literally kills off a portion of his adrenal gland (requiring constant sl_1pervision to check for the onset of side effects such as nausea - also painful)

We chose to follow an alternate regime.

Each day Fraser receives the following USANA supplements, divided into 2 "dosages":

1 BIO 3
1 Usanimals
1 Proflavanol
1 Procosa
1 Coquinone
plus 2500 mg of Chlorella

Milk thistle is also given in 2 week intervals.

The supplements are ‘buried’ in his canned food in the morning and his raw food in the evening. I do not break or crush the pills. He just gobbles them up. Fraser's hair on his body still is thinner than before and the hair on his tail is sparse but his thirst and urination are now normal. We believe he is as healthy as a dog his age and breeding can be expected to be, for which we are grateful.

Betty Burbee

Let your doggie live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!