Age: 27 years

BrodieBrodie is a sweet elderly thoroughbred who started to show intermittent lameness and a general decline in mobility throughout 2012. I watched with sadness as my gorgeous friend seemed to be slipping into a painful old age. He was 25 that year.

I consulted various health care professionals and for a time I had a turnaround in his condition after putting him on an NSAID. This seemed to ‘wear off’ after about 6 months, though I kept him on it.

In the fall of October 2013 his movement was painful to watch when he was trotting. A consulting vet examined him and felt his condition was likely due to arthritic change and was probably going to worsen.

I arranged an appointment for a second opinion and put Brodie on a Usana formula. One week later when the second vet arrived I went to get Brodie from his paddock and I couldn’t catch him! He was feeling playful and ran rings around me, throwing in the occasional buck and rear. You can imagine how different the second opinion was from the first.

Seven months later, I have a sound and energetic 27 year old who prances around like he’s 7. Here is the formula I used: An initial dose of 16 Procosa, 10 Proflavinol, and 4 Coquinone-30 per day, divided into morning and evening portions. After 5 weeks I scaled the formula back without any loss in condition to 10 Procosa, 6 Proflavinol, and 1 Coquinone-100.

It’s a beautiful thing to see these changes in Brodie.

Let your pet live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!