12 year old Otterhound, weighing about 93 lbs.

Before I started on USANA my coat was dull, my eyes had no spark and I had no intentions of moving my body any more than I absolutely had to.

Now, 8 months later - people comment on how great I look - my coat is shiny, my eyes are clear and because I am pain free I do go and patrol the property at least once a day.

BarleyMy Mom and all my aunties tell me that I look much better and younger and have a new spark to me.

Believe me, I did not just look my age - I felt like I was twice my age!

This is what I am getting daily: 4 Procossa, 4 Bio 3, 2 Proflavanol, 2 Tb Sp. of SeaMeal (Solid Gold Product)

Let your doggie live a USANA life - he/she will be grateful for it!