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Who will help the helpless?

Buddy, the Beagle

Hi - I am Buddy, the Beagle. I am the latest addition to Missy Manor. My Dad passed away and none of the relatives wanted me so they took me to a shelter. I thought I was never going to get out of there because there were so many other dogs, lots of them prettier and younger then I.

But some one told some one that there is a place for an old Beagle on Bowen Island - and here I am. I love it here because I can romp around outside and when I feel like a nap I just go to the nearest couch and park myself until dinner time - very important to keep my strength up. All the people here are very kind and all the other dogs just accepted me as if I had always been part of the pack. Thank you, Auntie Deb, for rescuing me and giving me another chance.

The Voice of the Voiceless

I am the Voice of the Voiceless
Through me the Dumb shall speak
‘Till the Deaf world’s ear be made to hear
The Cry of the Wordless Weak.
And I am my Brother’s keeper
And I will fight His fight
And speak the word for Beast and Bird
'Till the world shall set things right

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The Missy Foundation
, was formed in 1992 with the purpose of making a difference in the lives of homeless, and abused animals in need, wherever they may be. Every living entity has the right to warm shelter and good food, but most importantly, they have the right to be wanted and loved. They have the right to be a special, much loved member of their own family.

Fast forward twenty-three years to 2015, and nothing has really changed...there are still millions of homeless, starved, and abused animals. The good news: There appears to be a much greater awareness of the need for consistent spay/neuter programmes. The bad news: There are many more elderly dogs and cats who are deliberately dumped in favour of the young ones – it is a perpetual cycle that must be broke.

The other good news: there appears to be a growing concern for the “old ones” or as a dear friend calls them – the “double digits”. With age, comes Wisdom, and many of them truly do share their lessons of their experiences with us.

So, for the past several years, we have narrowed our focus and we have become a canine refuge for the old ones or the double digits! I am sure we will come up with a catchy phrase at some point, but for now perhaps we will name our residents “The Old Ones”.

Our “Old Ones” come to us from many different sources. They reside in our home and become treasured members of our family. We care for ALL of their physical needs – the best food, supplements, and amazing Chiropractic and Veterinary Care. They have a large, fenced-in area to run and play, a warm house where they can snuggle, or curl up and sleep wherever they wish – doggie beds, cushions and blankies galore... But most of all, they are LOVED and WANTED and CHERISHED.

We are always full to the brim and often overflowing with our DDAs. When one of our Angels passes over the Rainbow Bridge, it seems there is always another who finds their way to our door. You can meet our current tribe here.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”- Aesop

We are the Voice of the Voiceless.
We must help those who cannot help themselves.

This is your chance to really make a visible difference in perpetuity.



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